Back up your Linux desktop

Oak Backup is a backup tool for Linux

Oak Backup

$30/year per computer

Try it for free for 14 days

No credit card required


You control your data

Oak Backup backs up your files to your own AWS account.

Backups that last forever

No vendor lock-in, no custom format, just plain files.

Automated backups

Oak Backup takes regular backups of your files.


Oak Backup backs up only the files that changed since the previous backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create Oak Backup?

As Linux users, we were disappointed by the tools available to backup our Linux desktops. They are either complex, not reliable, bloated or based on a custom format. So we built Oak Backup to address all of these issues.

Why is it important to store backups in plain files?

  1. To allow you to restore your backups forever

    You don't depend on any tools to restore your backups.

  2. To reduce the risk of data corruption

    The last thing you want to know when you need to restore data from your backups is that your backup tool corrupted them. The simpler the backup format, the less risk your backups can be corrupted.

Does Oak Backup work on Mac or Windows?

Unfortunately no, Oak Backup only works on Linux.

Can I restore my backups if I don't renew my Oak Backup license?

Yes, you can restore your backups from your AWS account.


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